why try it?



why try it ?

Save Time

Our EMS workout targets all muscle groups simultaneously and amplifies effort. In just 20 minutes with one of our qualified trainers, you’ll have accomplished more than you would after hours at a traditional gym.

Build and tone muscles

The EMS suit covers all major muscle groups—even the ones you might have missed at a traditional gym. As you train, your muscles work against their own contractions, building muscle strength and tone. It’s easy, and you can’t go wrong.

Balanced all-body training

The built-in electrodes target, stimulate and develop all the muscle groups, even if you don’t. Our trainers scale and adjust the level of each group separately so the otherwise “weaker links” of the body can be strengthened. Optimal core strength is a major benefit of EMS training!

No joint stress

The electrical impulses work on the muscles directly; there is no pressure on the joints, so they are not overworked—which is often the case with weight workouts.

Relieve back problems

As there are electrodes built into the training suit along the spinal cord, those rarely trained muscles get worked as well. Muscles therefore get stronger, which can lead to the relief of back problems.

Achieve optimal body fat

Since it is an effective strengthening workout, it transforms how the body uses up calories. It is a very effective tool for weight loss and fat removal. EMS has been shown to attack and reduce problem fat accumulations.