As I sit to write this it is -12 outside and snowing…and it’s mid March. I’m really not one to complain about the weather, I mean, there really is nothing you can do about it, but seriously, it’s starting to feel like enough already.

Having said that there is lots to be positive about! The days are already getting longer, and we know that spring is just around the corner, in fact, perhaps by the time you read this, some buds are starting to come out…

I see this as a great time to take some of that energy and put it into not only spring cleaning your house, but spring cleaning yourself! Besides, Psychologists say that people that work towards goals are happier, so I’m all for that!

Let’s use the SMART acronym to help us out:

S: Specific, the devil is in the details. For example don’t just say “get fit” but say “go to Studiotec 2 times a week and do 1 extra cardio”

M: Measurable, quantify the results for example don’t say “I want to lose weight”, say “I want to lose 10 lbs by June 24th”.

A: Attainable, this can be a fine line… You want to push yourself, but don’t think you have to scale Everest every time!

R: Relevant, make your goals align with where you are in life, sometimes you should just let go of old goals that simply aren’t that important to you any more.

T: Time, make sure you have a goal end date, short term and long term goals are even better!

And now the most important part of goal setting: WRITE THEM DOWN! And my final thought… when you writing them down be sure of yourself. I’m a huge believer in this, say you “will”, not “would like to”. This will help you visualize that these goals are a reality that is about to happen!