How to alleviate the number two health problem in North America? Okay, so I know that “Number 2” doesn’t have a great ring to it, but given the number one reason for doctor’s visits is the common cold, let’s delve into this number 2 statistic in more depth.

More than 3-fourths of all adults suffer from lower back pain sometime in their life! So you either are one of them or know several of them and the complaints that go along with it. In fact, lower back pain accounts for more lost hours on the job than any other type of occupational injury and prevents many of us from living active lives. This leads to further weakening of the bodies musculature and potential weight gain due to restricted activities and therefore increased incidence of back problems and the cycle continues…Yikes!

So, what does the doctor order? Rest. See above. Heat and ice packs. Temporary “bandaid” treatment at best. Medication. I won’t even begin to get into the potential side effects…

The KEY element in any treatment plan prescribed by Doctors however is EXERCISE! But this is tricky. How do you strengthen those muscles without causing more damage or when you are having pain? Did you know that many exercises that you are currently doing for Core strength are likely doing more harm than good putting either excessive load or repetitive stress on the delicate spinal column?

Doctor Stuart McGill from Waterloo University developed a series of  3 Core exercises  that can be done in order to support and stabilize the spinal column without putting undue strain in that area. Do this series daily for a strong back and you will reap the rewards of no more back pain and consequently being able to enjoy an active lifestyle! See the exercises here.

Alternatively, come into Studiotec for full core strength training with no strain to the back or to the joints! Your back and your loved one’s will thank you for it as you will be living life with no complaints in no time!